2020 Children's Emergency Relief Fund

Be the change you are hoping to see by contributing and providing essential services for the children and their families' urgent needs in Israel today!

Covid-19 has caused many children and families in Israel to go through unforeseen and unparalleled challenges.  This has created an opportunity for us at the Israel Tennis and Education Centers to come together and provide relief for those in need.  Your support will provide essentials services for the children and their families’ urgent needs including:

  • REOPEN 14 CENTERS to full capacity bringing the children back to their Island of Stability and a renewed sense of normality.
  • PROVIDE SCHOLARSHIPS for children in the periphery.
  • ESTABLISH ZOOM MENTAL HEALTH SESSIONS for the children to recover from the stresses experienced in extended lockdown.
  • PURCHASE TABLETS for the students to participate in the ITEC mental health, fitness and educational Zoom sessions and distance learning at their schools.
  • PROVIDE HEALTHY MEALS for the children at the Centers.
  • IMPLEMENT A DAY CAMP to enable their parents to return to work and recover financially while the children are nurtured and cared for by loving ITEC staff.

Your support helps serve our children, getting them back to being the driving force behind the powerful returns for the state of Israel and our world.  

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